Regards, Pat.

As a hearing aid user for the last 57 years I am extremely happy with my new Signia Pure Nx hearing aids.  I am now hearing better and the clarity is very good, especially in difficult noisy situations. Gerry from O’Grady’s Hearing Care Services who has looked after my hearing for nearly 30yrs recommended them to me. In addition the new accessories that I have with these aids are great, I use a StreamLine Mic which gives me hands free phone calls to both ears, and also streams my TV direct to my ears and I now enjoy listening to the television without anybody complaining about how loud it is. The phone app is very good as it allows me (a) to change the program to one of many preinstalled programs; (b) to adjust the volume and set the sharpness/clarity etc. all via the phone. I really love this app. Even though I only have the new aids for the past couple of months (October’18) my experience with the Signia Pure Nx has been very good, and I would have no problem recommending them to anybody. Also a big thank you to Gerry and to all at O’Grady’s Hearing., for being so patient with me as I’m very fussy about the settings.

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