I have been a customer of O’Grady’s for the past 10 years. He is so helpful in making sure that you get the best possible hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle. I have purchased 2 new hearing aids and he was so professional and friendly in setting them up to suit my needs. Being a musician and piano teacher, I had a lot of demands on my hearing aids. Mr O’Grady was so understanding and didn’t mind how often I had to see him, to get them just right for me. I found time is very important in adjusting to new aids. I found my brain needed to get used to, and understand sounds, and I also needed to learn to listen properly. Now I enjoy life so much. I’m accepting all invitations and I’m not nervous of meeting new people or noisy environments. Because I can hear better, I’m more confident. The after service is also excellent, which is very important.

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