We understand that each client is an individual with specific needs. Our comprehensive range of hearing aids, paired with our audiologist’s person-centred care approach, allows us to offer a tailored service to suit each client’s requirements.


    We offer a top quality after-care program with continuous support, a repair service and a minimum two year warranty on our hearing aids. Come to O’Grady’s for relaxed, stress free management of your hearing.


    At O’Grady’s you are guaranteed the best care from highly qualified staff. Our Hearing Aid Audiologists are registered with the Department of Social Protection and are active members of the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists who are up to date with the latest technology and treatment options for you.

Read comments from some of our satisfied customers:

Regards, Pat.

As a hearing aid user for the last 57 years I am extremely happy with my new Signia Pure Nx hearing aids.  I am now hearing better and the clarity is very good, especially in difficult noisy situations.Gerry from O’Grady’s Hearing Care Services who has looked after my hearing for nearly 30yrs recommended them to me.In addition the new accessories that I have with these aids are great, I use a StreamLine Mic which gives me hands free phone calls to both ears, and also streams my TV direct to my ears and I now enjoy listening to the television without anybody complaining about how loud it is.The phone app is very good as it allows me (a) to change the programme to one of many preinstalled programmes; (b) to adjust the volume and set the sharpness/clarity etc. all via the phone. I really love this app.Even though I only have the new aids for the past couple of months (October’18) my experience with the Signia Pure Nx has been very good, and I would have no problem recommending them to anybody.Also a big thank you to Gerry and to all at O’Grady’s Hearing., for being so patient with me as I’m very fussy about the settings.

Pat Mullally

I have been a client of Gerard O’Grady’s for many years and would like to thank both him and his excellent team for their care and attention thus far. I have always found them to be very professional and helpful along my journey to better hearing. My wife was also fitted with Siemens open fit hearing aids this year and she now enjoys better hearing and comfort as well. We cannot thank O’Grady’s hearing care services enough for all their help and would have no hesitation in recommending them to our friends and family.


Gerard O’Grady – O’Gradys Hearing Care Services has been seeing clients at my practice for the past 5 years. I can only highly recommend them for excellent service delivered in a most professional manner. Customers are most happy with the service provided, both with initial consultation and follow up care. We are delighted to have O’Gradys Hearing Care Services as part of our team.

The Surgery, Tullow Street, Carlow

I have been dealing with Gerry in O Grady Hearing Care Services for more than 20 years and recently needed to purchase new hearing aids. I spoke to Gerry about my difficulties with the mobile phone and TV and was delighted when he demonstrated the New Widex Bluetooth aids which come with the optional extras of the M-Dex and the T-Dex units. These accessories allow me to stream my phone calls and television sound, directly into my hearing aids something that makes everyday living so much easier. I cannot recommend Gerry and Widex highly enough, they have added a new dimension to my life.


For many years I suffered from reoccurring ear infections which even resulted in being admitted to hospital on various occasions. I mentioned this problem to Gerry from O’Gradys Hearing Care Services and he advised me on the importance of keeping my ears dry during these infections. He suggested that he could help me by making me my own ear moulds. I immediately noticed a difference from the moment I started using them. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. It’s as simple as inserting these tiny moulds while showering or swimming, and keeping my ears dry. This has changed my life and I cannot recommend them enough.


I have been a customer of Gerard O’Grady’s for over twenty years, I would like to thank Gerard and his team not only for his help in purchasing my hearing aids but also for the excellent aftercare service that he provides. For example recently one of my hearing aids was damaged and needed repair, I posted them for repair on a Monday and it was swiftly returned by the Thursday. In my opinion Gerard and his team are the best hearing care services around and I would heartily recommend them to anyone in need of hearing care services.


I have been a customer of O’Grady’s for the past 10 years. He is so helpful in making sure that you get the best possible hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle. I have purchased 2 new hearing aids and he was so professional and friendly in setting them up to suit my needs. Being a musician and piano teacher, I had a lot of demands on my hearing aids. Mr O’Grady was so understanding and didn’t mind how often I had to see him, to get them just right for me. I found time is very important in adjusting to new aids. I found my brain needed to get used to, and understand sounds, and I also needed to learn to listen properly. Now I enjoy life so much. I’m accepting all invitations and I’m not nervous of meeting new people or noisy environments. Because I can hear better, I’m more confident. The after service is also excellent, which is very important.

Shillelagh, Co Wicklow

O’Gradys Hearing Care Services have been providing a hearing care service at our clinic in Dodsboro, Lucan for the last 6 years. O’Gradys hearing continue to provide a highly reliable service with comprehensive and efficient aftercare, and we continue to happily refer our patients to them for further assessment. We are delighted to have them as a partner service here at our clinic.

Dodsboro Medical Clinic, Lucan
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