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Hearing Aid Repair

Even though hearing aid technology is compact, it does several duties owing to its integrated parts. Every second, they do a complex job. Therefore, it could be challenging to figure out what’s wrong with a hearing aid. So, we prefer help from medical professionals with expertise in hearing aids.


Follow these guidelines before seeking help for hearing aid repair:

  • Try wearing and using the hearing aid again after turning it on to confirm that everything is working.
  • Boost the volume and ensure the volume control is positioned correctly.
  • Verify that the volume control is correct and hasn’t been accidentally lowered or modified by adjusting the volume.
  • Check the hearing aid batteries. If you’re using disposable batteries, make sure they’re in the right place and replace them. To ensure that the problem is not battery-related, try using fresh batteries.
  • Examine the tubing to see whether the model is a BTE (behind-the-ear): BTE tubing may sometimes degrade or get damaged. Any damaged or worn-out hearing aid tubing may be easily and swiftly repaired by your hearing healthcare professional in their clinic.


When to get additional help for a repair

Despite your best and most diligent efforts, all hearing aids may need maintenance at some point. However, when should you look for assistance?

  • Despite your attempts at troubleshooting, your hearing aids still don’t work properly.
  • If there is too much feedback or whistling, the BTE earmold may not fit correctly. Even if your hearing aids fit you perfectly at first, over time, your ears may change in size and shape, especially if you’ve been ill or have significantly gained or lost weight.
  • Check if your hearing aids are completely damaged. If the case has shattered or there are noticeable holes in the shell or faceplate.
  • It can require repair if the battery life in your hearing aids abruptly declines.


Can We Help

Hearing aids are complex systems and like all modern technology can require troubleshooting and repairs from time to time. O’Grady’s Hearing Care manage repairs of all makes and brands of hearing aids whenever you need. Visit your local O’Grady’s clinic to discuss the problems you are experiencing so that we can help to repair your aid and get you back on track to Enjoying Hearing Again.

Depending on the problem, your audiologist will aim to repair the aid whilst you wait, however sometimes they will need the attention of a hearing aid technician. O’Grady’s will arrange sending the aid to the technician and getting it back to you as soon as possible.


Before you bring your aid in for repair with O’Grady’s, here are some common issues you can check first:

Try these steps to see if it fixes the problem with your hearing aid:

  • Unexplained Hearing Loss
  • Plugged or fullness sensation in the ear
  • Ringing in the ears or Tinnitus
  • Feedback or whistling when a hearing aid is being worn
  • The hearing aid being repeatedly blocked up with ear wax


Hearing aid repairs in Dublin costs can vary depending on how old your hearing aid is, the severity of the damage and the cost of the parts replaced (if applicable). O’Grady’s Hearing Care will aim to keep your repair costs to a minimum.


Phone or visit O’Grady’s today and we can arrange a consultation to see if we can provide a solution to the problem with you hearing aid.