Frequently Asked Questions

O'Grady's Hearing Services

Experiencing hearing loss or difficulties can be a worrying, confusing time. O’Grady’s are here to help answer your questions.

Read below some of the most frequently asked questions about hearing:

A: If you begin to feel that people are mumbling or speech is unclear, particularly with people that you would have previously found easy to understand and had no problems communicating with, it is a good idea that you have your hearing tested.

Despite popular misconceptions, hearing loss is not like listening to sounds with the volume turned down. Instead, you may notice that certain spoken sounds, such as “sh” “th” and “f” are more difficult to hear than others. That’s why people with hearing loss often say they can hear people talking but can’t understand what is being said.

Whether the problem lies with the outer or middle ears where there is a problem with the sound reaching the inner ear and the brain, or whether the problem is with the ears’ ability to translate sound into meaningful messages to send the brain, O’Grady’s can help! Phone or email today to discuss your hearing with our experienced team.

A: Do you have to ask others to repeat themselves over and over again? Is it difficult for you to understand speech in noisy places? Do you find it easier to understand others when you are looking directly at their faces or when one person speaks at a time? Do you have trouble hearing on the telephone? Are you often told you have the TV volume up too loud? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be possible that you have hearing loss.

The only way to be sure if you have a hearing problem, or not, is to have a hearing test. O’Grady’s will test your hearing for FREE today!

Recent studies have found that 1 in 6 people in the UK alone suffer from some form of hearing loss. We’re sure that these numbers would be similar for Ireland too. Despite this, it takes a person 7 years on average to do something about it!

Get ahead of the crowd and sort your hearing today! Phone or email O’Grady’s to make an appointment where you are guaranteed top quality care for your hearing.

A: Don’t suffer in silence!

By taking a step to book a FREE hearing test with O’Grady’s, you’ll not only find out if you have a hearing loss, you’ll also learn about the variety of things that can be done to address it.

Our qualified audiologists are trained to identify and treat hearing loss. We provide comprehensive clinical and counselling expertise. During a hearing evaluation, your audiologist will conduct a number of tests to determine whether you have a hearing loss and, crucially if hearing aids are right for you or not.

Doing nothing about your hearing now could cost you in the long run. Studies show that early assessment and treatment for your hearing shows better outcomes for people with hearing loss. It is not recommended that you wait for your hearing to be severely impaired before acting.

A: No. You can experience hearing changes or loss for a variety of reasons. Hearing aids are only one of many solutions that may be suited to your hearing.

We will never recommend a hearing aid if you don’t need one. Our qualified audiologists will talk you through your hearing test results and the treatment options which are right for you.

If your hearing test indicates that you need a hearing aid, you will be given all of the information you need in making you decision. O’Grady’s will give you time to research, ask questions and try out all of the options available for your hearing.

A: Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically in the last few years. Our fantastic new hearing aids include ranges which are very small and fit discreetly in the ear canal or behind the ear. This means that they are virtually invisible when worn.

These tiny devices automatically adjust to different environments and they have high speed processors and clarity enhancing features to ensure you enjoy all the great things life has to offer.

With the latest hearing aid technology, conversations with friends and family, an evening out in your favorite restaurant or a night in front of the TV can once again be enjoyed in full!

A: Yes! The last thing you want to do is commit to something when you’re still at the ‘exploratory’ stage.

We make it our mission to ensure the hearing aids you choose are the right type and fit for you. That’s why we let you take them home and try them out in real life situations before deciding to proceed. You decide what works best for you – before making any financial commitment.

O’Grady’s Hearing Care audiologists are one of the few audiologists in Ireland to be granted the Unitron Masterfit certificate accreditation. As a result, we are now offering local people the opportunity to try ‘Flex,’ a brand new hearing solution from Unitron.

A: To date, there is no way of ‘curing’ hearing loss. What we can do is support your hearing to function as best it can despite some changes in this vital human sensory function.

Some people find that their hearing aids ‘don’t work’ or make things worse for them, but this is usually down to the aid not fitting correctly, there being a technical issue or the user not being used to wearing them.

At O’Grady’s, we will review your individual hearing needs and ensure your aids is customised to your hearing loss. You will receive a full fitting service, education about managing your hearing aid and ongoing aftercare to help you get the full benefit of hearing aids and help you to Enjoy Hearing Again.

A: Depending on the age of the child and the severity of the hearing loss, O’Grady’s Hearing Care may be able to provide advice and care to children, however we do not specialise in the treating young children/paediatrics. Phone our office today to discuss whether O’Grady’s Hearing Care can help your child with their hearing.


If your question has not been answered in this section, phone or email your question directly to our audiologists who will be happy to speak to you.