Hearing aid accessories and specialist products can help you to get the most out of your hearing and your hearing aid(s). O’Grady’s stock and supply the top quality, latest accessories for your hearing, whatever the brand (Siemens, Unitron, Phonak, Rexton etc.), including:

Hearing Aid Batteries – regular and rechargeable batteries

Priced at €2.75 per pack of 6, your hearing aid battery needs to be changed (with regular hearing aids) approximately every 7 days. Stock up today to make sure you always have power for your hearing aids. Check with you audiologist what size batteries your hearing aid takes before purchasing!

Alternatively, you can purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger pack to use at home.

  • Slim tubes and ear tips/domes

    Buy these as replacements for your hearing aids

  • Receivers

Filters, brushes and tube wires (for cleaning)

Keep your hearing aids in working order by cleaning and caring for them regularly.

Drying systems – electronic and tablets/caps

  • Cases for your hearing aids

    Get organised and protect your hearing aids from damage, dust and water by keeping them in a hard shell case.

  • ‘Earol’ oil for softening ear wax

Technology has advanced rapidly helping you to manage your hearing aids easier and quicker than ever before. The accessories below also help to direct sound from televisions and phones through your hearing aids and into your ear and brain to help with hearing each of the important sounds you need.

Remote controls

  • Wireless enhancement systems for phone and TV

  • Streamers – Bluetooth connections for phone and TV

Apps for your smartphone

Visit O’Grady’s head office in Blanchardstown today to purchase these accessories. Orders can also be emailed or made over the phone on (01) 802 59 11 and posted out to your door.

Speak to your Audiologist at O’Grady’s Hearing Care about which accessories would be beneficial to you.

Remember too that O’Grady’s can arrange repair to your hearing aids if needed either as part of their comprehensive aftercare programme for you and your hearing.

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