Grant Assistance

The Department of Social Protection operate the Treatment Benefit Scheme. Since January 1st 2012, a grant of 50%- up the value of €500 if one hearing aid is required and €1000 if two hearing aids are required- is available towards the cost of your hearing aids. Additionally, since April 2017, most self-employed individuals are covered for these grants. You, or your loved one, can benefit from this grant scheme at O’Grady’s Hearing Care today!

Eligible patients and dependant spouses who have full PRSI cover may obtain a grant towards the cost of hearing aid(s). This includes contributory pensioners, invalidity pensioners, those on disability benefit and their dependant spouses (some conditions apply).

The grant is available to qualifying medical card and non-medical card holders alike if they obtain a hearing aid privately.

Additionally, this grant scheme also covers 50% of the cost of hearing aid repairs and ear-moulds as required. Full details of the scheme, and eligibility conditions are available on the department’s website Alternatively, you can phone the department on 1890 400 400. When you visit O’Grady’s, we can complete and submit the necessary application forms to the department on your behalf.

Tax Relief

Income Tax relief for the cost of hearing aids is also available for income tax payers. This is available through the MED.1 Scheme as a ‘prescribed medical appliance’. You should complete a MED.1 form and return it to your local tax office.

These rebates are also available to income tax payers where their dependant relative is obtaining a hearing aid (conditions apply). Full details may be obtained from the Revenue Commissioners’ website:

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist at O’Grady’s Hearing Care will be happy to speak to you about Grants or Tax Relief which may be applicable to you.

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