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O’Grady’s Hearing Care Services

With 30 years experience working in the Hearing Aid business, O’Grady’s Hearing Care has expanded in recent years to providing care in hearing care clinics located in Dublin, Waterford, Carlow and the greater Leinster area (see our clinics list for details about your local clinic).

O’Grady’s Hearing is guaranteed to provide you with expertise and advice on the very latest hearing instruments and aids suitable for you. O’Grady’s pride themselves on their comprehensive aftercare which is provided to each individual client thereby giving you complete peace of mind for your hearing.

So, whatever your hearing loss, budget or lifestyle, O’Grady’s Hearing Care Services are confident we can prescribe a hearing solution which is personal to you.


Gerry O'Grady O'Gradys Hearing



Director and founder of O’Grady’s Hearing, Gerard has been working in the Hearing Aid industry in Ireland since 1983. In 2009 Gerard founded O’Grady Hearing Care Services, to employ his years of experience to provide a trusted, personal and professional service, whilst fitting the most modern, state-of-the-art digital hearing aids with advanced technology.

Gerard has built a very successful company with many recommendations and referrals from Doctors, Ear Nose & Throat Consultants and hundreds of his satisfied clients. He is a Qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and a Fellow of the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (FISHAA). Gerard holds a certificate from Aston University in the professional development course on Ear Care.

As a wearer of hearing aids himself, he understands how frustrating hearing loss can be and experiences the fantastic benefits that wearing hearing aids can bring to everyday life.

Gerard looks forward to continuing to care for clients across Ireland in providing solutions to hearing loss and educating about hearing protection and prevention of hearing loss, through to transitioning smoothly to wearing hearing aids should this be required to significantly advance your quality of life and help you to ‘Enjoy Hearing Again’, which is the mission of his company.



Martin is a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist gaining his qualification from the highly regarded Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Martin also holds an Engineering degree from the Institute of Technology, Tallaght.

Martin is a dedicated employee of O’Grady’s Hearing Care and is skilled in providing the highest quality of care to all clients. With a scientific mind, he excels in matching the appropriate hearing aid technology to each client and provides troubleshooting and solutions in the quality aftercare guaranteed by O’Grady’s.

An active member of the International Hearing Society, Irish Hearing Society and Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, Martin guarantees modern, evidenced- based information to all clients regarding their hearing loss and hearing care needs. Alongside Gerard, he looks forward to helping you to ‘Enjoy Hearing Again’.

Martin Gallagher O'Gradys Hearing



Ruán has a Degree in Hotel Management & Business Studies.

He embarked on a career change in 2015 when he started his training in the Hearing Care sector, and this experience sparked an interest in Audiology as a career, so he studied to become a Hearing Aid Audiologist at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, graduating in 2018. Ruáns’ many years of experience in customer service industries further enhance his approach in communication and total customer satisfaction.

He has experience in dealing with a huge variety of hearing related specialisms from wax removal to audiological healthcare. He has obtained a vast knowledge from dealing with the leading hearing aid manufacturers products and services. Ruán likes to spend time listening and getting to know his patients so he can have a suitable understanding of their hearing issues and needs. He finds the advancements in hearing aid technology exciting and interesting and likes to utilise this technology to its full potential to benefit all his patients. He takes great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact that well fitted hearing aids have on his patients’ lives.