O'Grady's Hearing Services

Government Grants for Hearing Aids

The Dept. of Social Protection operate a treatment benefit scheme. Subject to eligibility, you can avail of a grant of up to €500 for one hearing aid or €1000 for two hearing aids. In addition to this you may claim €100 towards the cost of a hearing aid repair. This grant is renewed every 4 years.

For details of this scheme, please click here.

As an approved supplier of the treatment benefit scheme, O’Grady’s are happy to perform an eligibility check on your behalf. Please phone 018025911 or simply fill in the online contact form on the home screen with your PPS number and date of birth. It is an online check and is quick and easy. People usually get a response right away and most people qualify.

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Tax Relief

Income Tax relief of 20% is available towards the cost of hearing aids and hearing aid repairs. 

Full details may be obtained from Revenue’s website:

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