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O’Grady’s Hearing Services

Regular Hearing Checks Keep You Healthy, Happy and Hearing!

For many our hearing health is not at the top of our list.

For many our hearing health is not at the top of our list. Yet it’s so important in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle not to mention, keeping us happy. That’s why annual hearing checks are as important as our visits to the optician.

Maintaining your hearing makes a big difference in your life and your enjoyment of social situations. Hearing loss can shift your listening from second nature to feeling like hard work. As a result you may find yourself avoiding noisy social events and other activities that make it difficult to understand what you are hearing. We know all to well, it’s not just your eyes that need looking after regularly. Are you neglecting your ears?

Q:Mumble Mumble Mumble…?

A: ….WHAT….??!!

Q:How do I know if I have a hearing problem?

A: Recent studies have found that 1 in 6 people in the UK alone suffer from some form of hearing loss. We’re sure that these numbers would be similar for Ireland too. Despite this, it takes a person 7 years on average to do something about it! Although hearing loss can be caused by traffic, music, machinery or TV, for most people hearing loss is a natural and gradual part of the ageing process. Despite popular misconceptions, hearing loss is not like listening to sounds with the volume turned down. Instead, you may notice that certain spoken sounds, such as “sh” “th” and “f” are more difficult to hear than others. That’s why people with hearing loss often say they can hear people talking but can’t understand what is being said.

Q:What should I do if I think I have a hearing loss?

A: Don’t suffer in silence! By taking this step, you’ll not only find out if you have a hearing loss, you’ll also learn about the variety of things that can be done to address it. Our qualified audiologists are trained to identify and treat hearing loss. We provide comprehensive clinical and counselling expertise. During a hearing evaluation, your audiologist will conduct a number of tests to determine whether you have a hearing loss and, crucially if hearing instruments are right for you or not.

Q: I don’t want people to notice I am wearing a hearing aid. How discreet are they?

A: Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically in the last few years. Our fantastic new hearing aids are really small. Because they fit discreetly in the ear canal or behind the ear, they are virtually invisible when worn. These tiny device automatically adjusts to different environments and they have high speed processors and clarity enhancing features to ensure you enjoy all the great things life has to offer. With the latest hearing aid technology, conversations with friends and family, an evening out in your favorite restaurant or a night in front of the TV can once again be enjoyed in full.

Q:Can I trial a hearing aid with no upfront cost before deciding to buy it?

A: Yes! The last thing you want to do is commit to something when you’re still at the ‘exploratory’ stage. We make it our mission to ensure the hearing aids you choose are the right type and fit for you. That’s why we let you take them home and try them out in real life situations before deciding to proceed. You decide what works best for you - before making any financial commitment. O’Grady’s Hearing Care Services are a small number of audiologists in Ireland to be granted the Unitron Masterfit certificate accreditation. As a result we are now offering local people the opportunity to try ‘Flex,’ a brand new hearing solution from Unitron.